Do you want to share your message along side of ours?

Do you want to show your support for the education system in your town?

Advertise with us.. contact us.

Where can I advertise? Good question....

In purchaing weekly advertising your business will be listed randomly on the website, on the mobile apps and in the weekly blast email.

In purchasing a month to month subscription in the business directory you will have a permanent listing (yellow pages style) in the mobile app for easy connection to potential customers.

More imporant....what's it going to cost me?

Millions of dollars!!! Well, no...not exactly.

We are completely competitive with local print advertising prices. In most cases even cheaper.

Until we collect a certain percentage of customers in a town advertising is FREE!

Did I mention that a large of your advertising money goes towards funding school technology initiatives.


Oh more thing...will I be an ad among millions?

If we ever get big enough to have millions of ads then maybe.....but never in your local town. Our goal is to keep 16 ad spaces per town in the system for the forseeable future. Even the local print media has over 100 ads you are competing with.


Can I only advertise in my own town?

Yes and No! It is up to you. Advertise in as many or as few towns as you want to. Of course the more towns you advertise in the more it will cost however, isn't that always the case?