Are you someone on the pulse of your town and looking to earn a little more?

The fundamental problem with most sites like this is having someone local who can facilitate information reacing the site. This is where you can come in.

Job Overview

What responsiblities will I have?

There will be main responsibilities which you will have:

  1. Attracting town organizations to use the service.
  2. Attracting advertisers to use the service.
  3. Being the point person/moderator for the "Issues" section of the website
  4. Being the point person for emails and issues directed to your town.

That sounds like a lot of work....

At first yes I think that there will be a good amount of work involved. As your town gets established though it will become less work and more interactive then proactive work.


So now the important question...Do I get paid and how much?

Yes there is compensation for your effort. How much will be based on a percentage of your towns revenue. Basically this works towards them more money generated the more you will see. What percentage? Who knows but I'm hoping since this is very part time to maybe give people $2k a year for their efforts. But again I don't have any idea right now how things will work out. In the beginning things will be pro bono and then figures will be worked out from there. Honestly I cringe at the payroll/legal stuff invoved with this however I believe it to be fair once things are rolling.


How do I get involved? Who do I contact?

Glad you asked. Jump over to the contact page and just contact us!